VIDEO: Multiple Pilots Spot UFO, But Where?

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VIDEO: Multiple Pilots Spot UFO, But Where?

Sightings of unidentified flying objects have become more frequent in the past two months, according to UFO researchers.

Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent and the host of the Discovery+ show “UFO Witness,” has in the past few months, obtained new footage and recordings of pilots flying over the Pacific Ocean who are coming in contact with these objects.

The accounts come from pilots who were flying for Southwest Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and other companies between Aug. 6 and Sept. 23. One account has a former military pilot who recounts seeing several aircraft flying above him.

Pilot Mark Hulsey reportedly radioed this in while flying a charter jet off the Los Angeles coast on Aug. 18. As he could be heard saying, “We’ve got a few aircraft to our north here and he’s going around in circles, much higher altitude than us. Any idea what they are?”
The controller was also confused by this and said he had no clue what they were.
Twenty-three minutes later, Hulsey also reported that there were actually now seven different flying objects around 5,000 and 10,000 feet above him.

He also said that the flying objects appeared to be going in circles and that throughout his career as an F-18 pilot in the Marine Corps he had never witnessed something like this before. Hansen also said that this event was witnessed by around 15 different commercial flights and that if an official investigation was launched, there were many pilots who were willing to go on record and talk about the incident.

Hansen also noted that the lack of protocol for reporting sightings makes it harder for pilots to go on record for fear of being ridiculed.


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