VIDEO: Over 80 Students Banned from Graduation

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( – In the last month, many North Carolina school districts have filed charges against students because of “pranks” that have turned out to be harmful.

The Burlington Police Department announced recently that seven students, who had poured a cement mix in eight toilets and six urinals at Walter M. Williams High School, had charges filed against them. As Les Atkins, a spokesperson for the Alamance-Burlington School System (ABSS) pointed out, this has been extending beyond the realms of pranks and instead, has become a “destruction of school property.”

He proceeded to note that the incident, which made it onto national headlines, cost the school around $4,000, without counting the pay for the 17 maintenance workers required to clean up the prank. While the cement was particularly noteworthy, it was not the only damage to the school. There was also baby powder all over the gym, signs and balloons with inappropriate messages throughout the school, mulch in the halls, and several other problems.

Five seniors and two underclassmen will be facing misdemeanor property damage and breaking and entering charges for their involvement in the prank.

As Atkins pointed out, even some of the school administrators were forced to join in as they needed to assist with cleaning up toilet paper.

In Western Alamance High School in Elon, North Carolina, the prank in question included egging the school and dumping trash everywhere, while at Southern Alamance in Graham, the seniors dumped dead fish across the parking lot and wrestling mats. They also put old appliances across campus.

Many of the senior students involved will now no longer be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.


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