VIDEO: Planes Collide on Tarmac

Photo by Ivan Shimko on Unsplash

( – A video from a United airplane shows the moment before the plane collided with a Delta plane at Boston Logan International Airport on Friday. The slow-motion 35-second video shows the disbelief the passengers felt as they saw the two planes approaching each other before the collision.

Despite the collision between the two planes, there did not appear to be any visible damage on the planes. A passenger in the video that was obtained by NBC News can be heard saying that they had collided with another plane before adding, “No way!”

While the incident caused delays for passengers, no one was injured. The United Airlines was on its way to Newark, New Jersey when the end part of its wing hit the tail of the Delta Airplane. The plane had been on the airfield waiting for the necessary clearance to take off and fly to Detroit.

This is the latest collision in a series of near-collisions that have occurred over the past year in many different U.S. airports. The United flight was canceled immediately, effectively grounding the 128 passengers and six crew members. The Passengers had gotten off the plane without problem, and the airline was able to rebook them.

The Delta flight on the other hand was delayed and passengers had to wait more than five hours after their scheduled departure to get back on the plane and reach their destination.

The way that the incident unfolded was slow enough that passengers were able to see the moment that the two planes hit one another. The Federal Aviation Administration has stated that they would investigate the incident.


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