VIDEO: Police Called Over $50,000 Bottle Of Whiskey

Photo by Dylan de Jonge on Unsplash

This week a bottle of Irish Whiskey was escorted by police to a local Irish pub in Ohio. The bottle is valued at $50,000.

Gormley’s Pub in Rocky River, Ohio was the winner of a fundraiser which will allow the 47-year-old Midleton to be tasted by 20 guests. According to the Midleton Whiskey’s Festival, the Festival is a two-day celebration which aims to raise funds for Malachi House in Cleveland. The organization provides care for terminally ill individuals, in the form of comfort but also basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing.

In a recent Facebook post, Gormley’s Pub shared a video of the bottle arriving at the pub with a police escort. The Pub owner, Sean Gormley told Newsweek that the officers had been open to the idea of escorting the bottle, which he believed would bring even more attention to the event.

Gormley also noted that there had been many residents who became interested in the fundraiser and were happy to see the police escorting the bottle.

Gormley himself said that he was excited to be hosting an event that would help Malachi House. He also added that this would allow him to be a part of the very special opportunity that people will have to taste this whiskey. On Facebook, Gormley also shared a photo of the bottle of Irish Waterford crystal arriving in its wooden case.

Barry Chandler, an Irish whiskey expert explained that what makes the whiskey special is that it comes from a no-longer operational distillery. This was one of the last whiskeys to be produced before the distillery’s closing in 1975. It is a sort of “time capsule” in that way.


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