VIDEO: ‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Injures Himself

Photo by Harlie Raethel on Unsplash

( – A contestant on “The Price is Right” last week got injured while celebrating his win at the game Bonkers on the show. Henry, the contestant, had 30 seconds in which he needed to guess whether every single digit shown would be higher or lower than what would be the price of a trip to Hawaii. During the game, he appeared to be quite good in determining whether or not each digit was higher or lower, guessing almost all of it correctly from the get-go.

This resulted in him jumping up and down in celebration while also throwing his hands in the air while cheering. However, whatever temporary pleasure he received from the celebration had a price, as when Henry arrived to spin the wheel, host Drew Carey stated that Alice, Henry’s wife, would be the one to spin the wheel as he had suffered an injury.

On the show’s official Instagram page, it was noted that Henry had won a trip to Hawaii as well as one to the ER. His injury turned out to be a dislocated shoulder caused by his celebration.

This is not the first time that a contestant on the show has gotten injured. A 2014 contestant named Judy slipped and hurt her ankle during Spin the wheel, which resulted in her having to play Showcase Showdown while on crutches. In 2007, a contestant named Carey also suffered an injury while taping the show. Following her injury, she said she would go to check it out at the hospital once the show was done taping.


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