VIDEO: Puppies Found in the Freezing Cold

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( – In Missouri, a group of volunteers managed to rescue a litter of puppies from under an abandoned house. 

Michelle Lascon, the director of the Kansas City Protective Animal Welfare Society (KC PAWS) informed Fox News Digital that the six puppies had been rescued in January and that their breed was unknown. However, as she pointed out the puppies appear to be a mix between a German shepherd and an Akita or husky. 

The shelter was first informed about the litter of abandoned puppies by a woman who had stated that she was concerned about the dogs living under the abandoned house because of the cold temperatures. The shelter reportedly took immediate action.

When the rescuers made it to the location, the mother was nowhere in sight. Lascon noted that the mission was particularly challenging as the puppies were scared and repeatedly tried to run away. As she pointed out, this made it very hard for them to move around in a small space, however as he pointed out the puppies were able to freely move around. 

The group’s volunteers noted that while the task was “physically taxing” they were glad that they had managed to get the puppies back to safety. 

The shelter proceeded to share the footage from the rescue efforts on TikTok. The puppies were then taken to the shelter where they were cleaned and given food. Two days later, the mother of the litter was also found and brought into the shelter. 

Lascon noted that the puppies were well-adjusted and would be available for adoption starting next week. 



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