VIDEO: Restaurant Owner Surprises Employees With What?

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A small business owner has decided to show her employees her appreciation in a dreamy way. Jessica Travis, the owner of Toast, a breakfast place in Hull, Mass., told CBS Boston that she had managed to survive COVID only because of her employees. She added that their hard work and dedication had kept her afloat, which is why she was paying for them to go on a trip to Disney World.

One employee says that the best thing about the job is that Travis treats them as if they are her own kids as if they are family. Travis similarly said that she really enjoys taking care of her employees as they have also helped take care of her.

According to CBS Boston, the small restaurant opened right before the start of the pandemic. As Travis pointed out, despite this for the last three years her employees had stuck with her and helped make the restaurant “what it is today.” This is why she wanted to reward them and the best reward she could come up with was sending them to Disney World for a week.

Travis made the surprise even sweeter by having them complete a puzzle together. The puzzle read “Surprise, we’re going to Walt Disney World.”

One employee said that they did not believe it at first. However, it was true and the all-expenses paid trip was not just for the employees, but also for their families who were welcome to join. In order to make the trip happen Travis is using the inheritance left to her by her mother. This will cover the almost 30 employees she has and their families.


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