VIDEO: Saturday Night Live Relentlessly Taunts Donald Trump

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Saturday Night Live (SNL) has made a joke out of Donald Trump’s recent “major announcement” that he would be selling his trading cards.

The comedy show made a skit about the former president’s announcement this week that he would be selling NFTs featuring his likeness. Prior to the announcement, there had been speculation that the major announcement would have actually been Trump announcing who his Vice President would be for the 2024 election round.

However, his announcement had nothing to do with his presidential campaign and everything to do with the $99 NFT-themed digital trading cards that he was selling.

SNL opened with James Austin Johnson acting as Donald Trump with a Christmas announcement that included defending his decision to sell the trading cards. In the comedy act, Johnson notes that while it might sound like a scam, and in some ways, it might even be a scam, everyone loved their Trump cards and will want to pay $99 for them.

Johnson also said that anyone who bought the trading cards might be eligible to win an “exclusive mystery prize” from a box labeled “classified.” He then continued to say how the cards were a fully legitimate product and that they were nothing like Pokemon cards.

SNL wasn’t the only place where trading cards featured heavily in the past week. In fact, they were a key talking point for Colin Jost during the Weekend Update segment.


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