VIDEO: Separated Newborn Twins Reunited

Photo by Christian Bowen on Unsplash

( – Two premature twins were reunited after being separated in the NICU for five days. Meghan Huston, the twins’ mom, recalled how during the reunion a nurse had placed Declan on her and then River. As soon as the twins were placed on her, River was quick to place his arm around Declan.

Huston’s husband was quick to join her in the hospital in order to capture the moment when the twins reunited. The couple was lucky enough to have recorded this first display of brotherly love that their twins had shown.

Huston said that while everyone talks about the bond the twins have, it was completely different seeing it in person. The video of the reunion was shared on YouTube and has since received more than two million views.

The twins were born when Huston was 32 weeks pregnant. As she shared, she had been helping her other son go to the bathroom when her water broke as she was standing up. After quickly changing her clothes Huston went to the nearby hospital where they quickly prepared her for a C-section.

Huston shared how everything had been really scary and moving fast as she was previously expecting that she would make it to 37 weeks. She added that she had never before had a C-section and she was still very early in her pregnancy, which made the situation scary. The twins were born with one minute difference.

As soon as the babies were born, they were taken immediately out of the room and to the NICU.


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