VIDEO: Six-Year-Old Florida Girl Fights Off Kidnapper

( – The Miami Police Department revealed that a 6-year-old girl called A’hylric managed to avoid a kidnapping attempt from her apartment complex. The girl was reportedly playing in the complex’s courtyard along with her siblings on July 6 when they saw a white Range Rover parked close by.

While the other children were quick to return home, the little girl continued to play outside. Leonardo Venegas, 32, proceeded to go towards the little girl and grab her by the arm. He then attempted to pull her towards the stairs. However, the little girl was not going to go without a fight.

In fact, she started to fight back immediately and even managed to pull away from Venegas. This prompted him to pick her up and try to carry her away from the courtyard. This was when A’hylric allegedly proceeded to bite the would-be kidnapper on the arm. This caused him to drop her according to the police report.

In response to the bite, Venegas slapped the little girl who quickly recovered and started running towards the building to inform her aunt about the incident. Teshia McGill, the little girl’s mother, told NBC South Florida that she was glad that her daughter knew what to do in order to fight back.

After reviewing the security camera footage the police were quick to identify the white SUV and within two days they had arrested Venegas who fit the description given by the little girl.

Venegas has now been charged with kidnapping and child abuse, causing no great bodily harm.


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