VIDEO: Smart Shopper Saves Child From Disaster

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VIDEO: Smart Shopper Saves Child From Disaster

A new TikTok video, posted by @freddyboi90, or Freddy, on October 10 has led to many debates about what the duty of bystanders is. The video is shot at a convenience store parking lot, probably in Des Moines, Iowa where Freddy’s social accounts show that he lives. Since its posting, the video has gathered over 4 million views.

As Freddy pulled up to the store and stepped out of his truck, he could hear something. The video then turns around and, in the car parked next to him, there is a toddler who has been left alone in the backseat. The child has their eyes closed.

Freddy continues in the video asking where the parents are and saying that he would sit and watch the child until the parents returned. He also wondered what would possibly make the child’s parents just leave them in the car like this.

A follow-up video showed the mother returning to the car. As Freddy noted in the comments, the mother was gone for at least five to eight minutes.

Some TikTok viewers said that Freddy did the right thing by sitting and watching the child, but others have argued that he should have immediately called the police. While some TikTok viewers thanked the driver for “babysitting,” others argued that he should have called the police.

Amber Rollins, director of the national nonprofit Kids and Car Safety, called the video “hard to watch.” He noted that there are a lot of things that could happen in under a minute, which is why the child should not have been left in the car alone.



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