VIDEO: Son Steals the Show at Parents’ Vow Renewal

Photo by Foto Pettine on Unsplash

( – A Florida boy has gone viral on TikTok after a clip of him singing at his parents’ vow renewal ceremony was posted online. The three-minute clip was posted by videographer Danielle Tufano on April 12 and quickly amassed more than four million views and over 771,000 likes. The comments in the video are exceedingly positive, with many people commenting on the young boys singing.

One of the commenters specifically called this the sweetest thing they have ever seen, while another pointed out that in a world of such turmoil, “this young man can mend our hearts.”

The 12-year-old featured in that video is named Aiden, and in an interview with “Good Morning America” he revealed that it had been his mother’s idea for him to sing during the ceremony. The young boy agreed and said that he knew which song he wanted to sing: Calum Scott’s “You Are The Reason.”

He added that he chose this particular song because he always thought that it was “very sweet.” During the opening of the ballad, the young man got visibly emotional and even wiped some tears away before continuing with his solo.

As he said, he had been nervous and excited to be performing in front of so many people who were there for the vow renewal.

Aiden’s mom, Kemorene Mills-Armstrong, stated that Aiden was not the only one to get emotional. She added that from the opening verse, she got emotional and she could hear many of the guests getting choked up as well.



The bravest son singing for his parents vow renewal 🥺✨🙏🏼

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