VIDEO: Steve Harvey Has Meltdown on Camera

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

( – Steve Harvey is known for hosting Family Feud and the Miss Universe pageant, but despite his years of experience in front of the camera, there are still moments that even catch him off guard.

The Family Feud official Instagram page recently posted a clip from a family feud episode in which the competitors were asked to “Name something that a person with long legs might not be able to fit into.” Following the question one of the competitors named Shekira replied shakily “Long pants?” While the answer to the question might have sounded ridiculous to some, it turns out that it fits right into the context of the game. This is because long pants/ shorts were the second most popular answer according to the leaderboard.

Harvey was completely caught off guard by the fact that this answer was on the board, and threw down his cards before walking away. After this dramatic display, he returned to the front of the stage and to his surprise even shouted, “Shut up!”

Many in the comment section completely understood how Shekira’s answer might have not made sense and fully related to Harvey’s reaction when it was shown to be one of the answers on the leaderboard. After all, it is not always possible to control the things you find hilarious even while on the air.

Harvey’s reactions were even dubbed by some online as “goated,” while others wanted to see what the next thing that Harvey brought our way would be.


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