VIDEO: Sushi Chef Goes Above and Beyond for Disabled Customers

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Service can be a key part of spending your time going out to eat. However, for one couple, the term great service took an entirely new meaning.

The story was originally shared on Nov. 22 by Nataly Keomoungkhoun, D Magazine’s online dining editor through Twitter. On Twitter, she described how her sister Melissa Keomoungkhoun and her husband Victor Montiel were received at Tatsu Dallas, a high-end restaurant in a way that touched them deeply.

In the thread, which since its posting has been retweeted hundreds of times, Nataly talked about how the staff did everything they could in order to ensure that her sister and brother-in-law had the best possible experience while visiting the restaurant. In her thread, she first began by recognizing her colleague Brian Reinhart and his impeccable work, as previously Reinhart had visited and written a review about Tatsu Dallas.

However, Nataly’s post did not talk about the food, which she admits is incredible. Instead, she chose to tell about the experience that her sister and brother-in-law had when visiting the restaurant.

Reportedly, the couple, who are both deaf, were ready to communicate with the staff by using a combination of their voices and American sign language. As they explained, they will often use their phone for typing what they mean to say, and occasionally may even request pen and paper in cases where communication is particularly difficult.

Tatsu Dallas is an omakase establishment where all the dishes are specially selected by the chef. As such, she emailed the establishment ahead of time to learn about what options they would have about getting the full experience and even be able to hear the chef’s explanation of each dish. The restaurant replied with the tasting menu ahead of time. This allowed them to familiarize themselves with what would be offered. They also included a detailed menu with information that the chef would like them to know.

However, their experience extended far beyond a simple email exchange. When they arrived at the restaurant, they were greeted in American Sign Language by the staff.

“Chef Tatsuya Sekiguchi also learned how to sign the entire tasting menu,” according to Nataly’s tweet which was an incredible gift that blew them both away.


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