VIDEO: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Player Saves Four Lives

Photo by SPACEDEZERT on Unsplash

( – Blaine Gabbert, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ backup quarterback, is being called a hero after he helped save four people who were in a helicopter crash. On Thursday evening, a helicopter with one pilot and three passengers had an emergency while attempting to land at Peter O. Knight Airport.

As Gabbert recalled, he was visiting St. Louis with his brother to jet ski when they saw the people in the water along with the debris. As he explained, he could hear some faint noises in the background, but it had been what he had seen to the west that had caught his attention as it resembled a broken crew boat. He added that there were also two yellow life jackets that were visible. This is what made him want to check out what had happened.

When Gabbert reached the site with his brother, they saw Wesley, Lisa, Hunter Hupp, and their pilot alive but trapped in a helicopter that was quickly going underwater. According to the police report Hunter, 33, had been trapped underwater in the helicopter and his parents Lisa, 59, and Wesley, 62, also were also trapped and unable to get to the surface of the water.

Gabbert said that he just happened to be at the right place at the right time, but really the credit for the rescue should go to Tampa PD, “the fire department, (and) the sheriff’s department” who apparently reached the site in record time.

The rescued family was very thankful to the player for his assistance during their emergency.


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