VIDEO: Teacher Admits To Being Racist to Students

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VIDEO: Teacher Admits To Being Racist to Students

A new video shows a white teacher in Texas calling his race “superior” in front of a diverse group of students. The video has caused outrage online since its posting on Instagram. The unnamed teacher was holding a class discussion on race at Bohls Middle School in Pflugerville, a suburb of Austin.

As part of the discussion, a black student turned to the teacher and asked whether he was a racist. In response, the teacher asked how many times he would need to repeat himself. He also said that he is “ethnocentric” and that deep down he believed his race to be superior.

A student asked in shock whether that meant that he really thought white people were better.

The teacher responded by saying that he believed everyone held that belief but they were “not honest about it.”

A student then proceeded to say, “I’m not racist though, I like all types of kinds.”
The video was shared on Instagram and since being posted it has garnered more than 280,000 likes. There have also been 4,000 comments by people who were outraged by the comments the teacher made.

Some stated how angry they were to be listening to these remarks and that they would make sure to stand up for children of all races.

Tariq Nasheed also posted the video on Twitter saying that this was the reason why reparations were needed and that an anti-Black racism law would be critical.


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