VIDEO: Teenagers Incredible Gift to Seniors

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VIDEO: Teenagers Incredible Gift to Seniors

Elle Gianelli found a creative way of helping others during the COVID-19 pandemic. The now 16-year-old was inspired by her love for silly socks to create Socks4Seniors. This program raised money through GoFundMe originally and had a simple purpose to bring bright, colorful, and patterned socks to those in assisted living facilities. The socks were also accompanied by sweet notes.

Gianelli is hoping to be able to bring this program to all 50 states, but so far has managed to cover only 40 states. Her mom, Rachelle, who is an active part of the project, has noted that while this is not a huge time commitment, it is a really worthy endeavor with a positive income that can help bring smiles to the faces of all the seniors living in assisted living facilities.

In early 2020, Elle and Rachelle had taken a trip to the local nursing facility to participate in an arts and crafts event. Only a week later, the whole world shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The two would be at home thinking of all of the people in the nursing facility who would have been stuck alone without any visitors or activities. This is when they decided to start sending them socks.

Elle originally started dispersing the packages locally, but then with the help of her mother, they started reaching out to centers in each state. They often used social media and email in order to gain contact and then send out the socks.

Elle has also gotten the chance to meet through zoom many of the elders who have received her socks and has also managed to stay in contact with a number of them.


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