VIDEO: Tennis Star Has Violent Outburst on the Court

( – On Sunday, during the Wimbledon Championship final match, Novak Djokovic smashed his racket in frustration while playing against Carlos Alcaraz. While Djokovic had managed to secure a win in the first set, he was unable to keep the early lead against his opponent, ultimately leading to him losing the opportunity to win another Wimbledon Championship.

Djokovic, who was attempting to win his 24th Grand Slam title, lost to Alcaraz, 20, in a 3-1 finale. The rising tennis star managed to win the championship after successfully stopping Djokovic from forcing a deuce.

Alcaraz, who lost the first set 6-1, managed to bounce back and win the game with 3-1 in the set. Djokovic, who had managed previously to force 15 consecutive tiebreaks, lost a tiebreak to Alcaraz in the second of the two following sets won by his opponent.

The Serbian tennis player was increasingly frustrated following the game and he even smashed his racket into the net post. Had Djokovic won Wimbledon, it would have been his eighth win in that championship and the 24th win of his career.

For Alcaraz, who won his first Grand Slam title in the U.S. Open last year, this is his first Wimbledon championship win. Prior to Wimbledon, he had managed home runs during the Indian Wells Masters and Madrid Open, and in the French Open, which was won by Djokovic, he managed to reach the semifinals.

Djokovic won the Australian Open and the French Open this year.


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