VIDEO: TikTok User Goes Viral for Revealing Major Plane Hack

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

( – Airplane passengers who choose to recline their seats might soon come face to face with an “unethical life hack” that had gone viral after being shared by a TikTok user anonymously.

The user who goes by the handle @theLKshow, is seemingly from London, according to their Etsy account. In their post, they are advising people to turn their overhead fan to target the people who recline their seats in an attempt to get them to get their seats back up.

The user wrote the video in writing on a post on TikTok that included a six-second clip showing the ceiling. The video also features the song “Blicky” from New Orleans music duo Fresh x Reckless.

Following its publication, the video received over 2.4 million views and has amassed 111,300 likes and 16,200 shares.

The comment section has also been going wild with 2,900 comments from users sharing their opinion about this hack. The video reignited the debate about whether plane passengers should use the reclining on their seats or whether it was unethical to do so. One user pointed out that it was a reclining seat so people could use it to recline. A different user however claimed that the seats should not be reclining.

Other users pointed out that if everyone was reclining, then everyone would have exactly the same space. Another user pointed out that they were paying for a seat that reclines and as such, they were going to use it. Others however opposed this by arguing that they were paying for a seat with a usable table.



The plane ride is so long when you get one of these people in front of you 🥱 #plane #reclinetheseat #annoyingpassengers

♬ Blicky – Fresh X Reckless

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