VIDEO: Trump’s Visit Leaves McDonald’s Employees Speechless

Photo by Visual Karsa on Unsplash

( – A new video from former President Donald Trump’s visit to East Palestine, Ohio has quickly been going viral with more than one million views.

In the video, Trump told a McDonald’s employee that he knows the restaurant’s menu “better” than theirs while visiting the McDonald’s in an eastern Ohio village. East Palestine has recently been thrust into national news as it was the site of a train derailment earlier this month which led to a toxic spill.

The clip of President Trump was first shared on Twitter by The Recount. In the video, Trump could be seen asking the staff about their daily “specialty” and proceeded to greet everyone. He then proceeded to tout his knowledge of the menu saying that he “probably” knew the menu not just better than the staff but also better “than anybody in here.”

In the clip, Trump can be seen paying for the food for the local police and fire department workers who were accompanying him in the restaurant. The video was also aired on Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight, with host Tucker Carlson calling the clip a “treat” and said that it exhibits the former president’s charisma as he “wows everyone in the room.”

Carlson adds one did not need to “love Trump” to see that he is “good at this” which is a “huge threat.”

Trump was greeted by many supporters during his visit to East Palestine. He also brought with him bottled water and supplies for the citizens of East Palestine.


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