VIDEO: Uber Driver Targets Female Rider at Home

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VIDEO: Uber Driver Targets Female Rider at Home

A woman, Gigi, took to TikTok to share the story of how an Uber Driver broke into her apartment in Boston, Massachusetts in the middle of the night. The video series has gone viral since its initial posting.

According to the story that Gigi first shared on October 8th, around 1:40 a.m. an Uber driver broke into her apartment and remained there for some time before leaving. Gigi only became aware of this incident after she checked her Ring doorbell and viewed the footage.

After seeing the man in the video, she informed both Uber and the police of this incident.
The woman insists that the company, Uber, did not do something regarding the situation, however, an Uber spokesperson said that the driver had been banned and that they are willing to help law enforcement during any ensuing investigation.

As the video’s overlay text said, that particular driver had driven Gigi home earlier than night, before breaking into her home in the early hours of the morning. As part of the video series, Gigi also posted the footage captured by her Ring doorbell on October 20th and urged everyone to stay safe.

The 10-second clip shows the man clearly walking into the living room area and looking around before moving out of frame.

The third story in this video series was posted on October 22nd, when Gigi rehashed the full story from everything that happened that night. Including getting into the Uber with her boyfriend that took her to her apartment at around 12:40 a.m.

After reviewing the footage, Gigi determined that the driver had gotten in by cutting a hole through the open window’s screen. The break-in was not captured by the Ring doorbell camera.



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