VIDEO: Upset Bride Catches Wedding Crashers

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A bride has now reshared the story of how she thought two strangers who had been crashing her wedding were distant relatives. The video has now been watched by 9.7 million people and it was originally posted by user @deconstruct_with_paige.

The video, captioned “Wedding crashers: a story with alcoholism, gaslighting, and a magician,” as Paige Hardy, 25, explains, shows the moment when a random woman pretended to be a relative at her wedding only to be escorted out by police. Paige and her now husband Austin Brown got married on October 22.

Paige, a domestic violence instructional designer, recalled during an interview with Newsweek that at first, she had simply thought that they were someone her parents or her in-laws had invited to the wedding.

However, after a little time, she realized that they were wedding crashers who had shown up to the wedding without an invite.

According to Paige, one of the only reasons she realized is because the lady had been acting very drunkenly and even had tried “grinding on our bridal party.” This made her easily noticeable as the other 15 people were Paige’s closest friends.

The woman also congratulated the couple which then led to Paige trying to figure out who she is.

Eventually, after speaking to her parents and family, they realized that the two were strangers.



Wedding crashers: a story with alcoholism, gaslighting, and a magician. #weddingtiktok #weddingcrashers photos by Anthony Gauna wedding planning by Peonies and Pearls

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