VIDEO: Upset Parrot Calls for Father

Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

If there is one thing that COVID-19 lockdowns taught us, it’s exactly how attached our pets can get. Most of the time this attachment can be slightly annoying, but overall, incredibly cute. As such, most owners will never complain about their pet not reaching out and trying to find them.

While for most of us it is usually a cat or dog that follows us around, one pet dad has an entirely different experience. TikTok user @merlinborucholas recently posted a video in which he leaves the room where a bird’s cage is located. After a minute or so, his parrot starts crying out for his dad.

The parrot, clearly panicked and looking for his dad, led to many online saying that the cute little bird should never be left alone again. In fact, as the video showed, the bird was not willing to stop crying out until his dad was in sight again. The solution is simple – the bird should never be left alone again.

Some users also pointed out that while the bird’s reaction was hilarious, the dog should also not be ignored. The dog in the video is clearly looking desperately at his dad asking him to answer so that the parrot can stop crying so loudly.



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