VIDEO: Veteran Pilot Saves Rookie in Stunning Way

Photo by Kristopher Allison on Unsplash

( – Pilot Taylor Hash, 21, was feeling “frantic” when she found out that an important part of her landing gear had fallen off her single-engine plane during a recent flight.

On Friday, when the incident took place, Hash spent her time imagining how she was going to put through the emergency landing at the small airport in Pontiac, Michigan when a soothing voice started being heard on her radio. Veteran pilot Chris Yates, who was a stranger to Hash, had seen the landing gear detach and drop from Hash’s place which would result in Hush needing to land without a front tire.

Yates told NBC News that when he reached out through the radio, he had been thinking of his own daughter and he was quick to realize just how “afraid and alone” Hash must have been feeling.

Yates, the former director of aviation at SpaceX, could further tell how anxious Hash was after she had asked if she was going to be able to treat this as a normal soft field landing.

Instead, Yates guided her, telling her how she needed to circle the field until she felt ready to make the landing. The moment between the two became even more emotional when Hash revealed that her name was Taylor, which is the name of Yates’ daughter.

As Yates recalled he told her, “Taylor, this is Chris. My daughter’s name is Taylor and I taught her to fly. We’re going to be just fine, kiddo.”

This was enough to help Hash calm down and with Yates’ assistance make the required landing.


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