VIDEO: Wedding Guest’s Racism Spills Out

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VIDEO: Wedding Guest’s Racism Spills Out

A new viral video from a wedding has been making the rounds, but its popularity has been caused by all the wrong reasons. The moment occurred during the nuptials of a Black groom and a white bride and was posted by the groom’s sister, Tori on Twitter. The video of the wedding speech included was captioned “CRINGE WARNING” and it has been viewed 11.3 million times.

In the video, a white guest, named Shannon, says that he has known Tracy, the bride for nine years but she was not too close to the groom, Anthony. She then compliments the couple for looking so cute together, she then awkwardly and aggressively turned to the groom and said, “‘til death do us part, Anthony, seriously. You better take care of my girl, because if you don’t, I know where you live.”

Shannon, as she said this, took on a fake “Blac cent” accent, before continuing to say that she would not be racist and that she was just kidding.

She then continued to say that the couple would obviously be stared at for being interracial, but that she loved that they were stepping outside of stereotypes. As if the cringe level could go any higher, Shannon then added, “But you guys, I swear, I love Black people because you guys are…the…best.” Finally she ended her speech with, “Bless you, Black people.”

Naturally, once the speech ended there was some uncomfortable clapping. The video of the speech has now been going viral with many people pointing out that nothing about race or ethnicity should be mentioned in a wedding speech.



⚠️CRINGE WARNING⚠️ So my brother got married this past weekend and this was one of the speeches from friends… 😬🫣 Think miss girl was nervous but wheeww had a few of us like 😳😅

♬ original sound – Tori NOT Torrie,Tory,Or Torie

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