VIDEO: Why 13 Strangers Roadtripped an Extraordinary Distance

Photo by Tabea Schimpf on Unsplash

A flight cancellation recently left a number of passengers stranded in Orlando, only instead of staying there, the 13 passengers decided to rent a car and make the 10-hour-long journey to their final destination. The story has since then brought them fame and even some unexpected friendships.

It was Sunday, Dec. 4, when Frontier, after delaying the flight to Knoxville, Tennessee twice, decided to cancel the flight completely.

Michelle Miller recalled how the airline had informed them that the airline offered to get them on the next flight, on Tuesday, Dec. 7. That was two days later than the passengers had originally expected to reach their destination.

As everyone queued up in front of the customer service centre, Miller recalled that one woman shouted that anyone willing to drive to their final destination should join her.

Alanah Story recalled how her mother yelled and called her out to go join the van with all these people. Alanah, along with her mother and grandmother, ended up taking three of the 13 passengers on the road trip.

She was the first one to post on TikTok that they were in the van heading to Knoxville. In her video, she explained how these surprising circumstances came to be, and then she introduced all the other passengers. As she recalled, within 30 minutes, thousands of people had seen it.

As Story recalled, the van ride was very loud and the passengers would frequently check how many views that original video had. They also started reaching out to all of the comments they were getting and just chattering throughout the entire flight.



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