VIDEO: Woman Fails Hilariously at Gas Pump

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

VIDEO: Woman Fails Hilariously at Gas Pump

A recent video seems to have captured the world’s attention. It shows a woman who is attempting, yet failing to refill her car. The viral sensation has gotten millions of views in only two days as the encounter was filmed by several women who were also at the gas station.

In the video, the woman can be seen trying to fill her car with gas. She has parked her car so far away from the actual pump that the pump can’t reach her car. She then proceeds to repeatedly try to bring the pump closer before deciding to move her car – only every time she tries to move it closer, she seems to fail in one way or another.

The video seems to not be genuine but rather “produced by Rick Lax Productions, Janelle & Kate”.

The clip lasts about three minutes and it shows the multiple attempts made by the woman. Whether fake or real, one thing is for sure, the video left many laughing hysterically with many others saying that there is no way that someone could be as helpless as the woman depicted in the recording.


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