VIDEO: Women’s Generous Gift to Underprivileged School Kids

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VIDEO: Women’s Generous Gift to Underprivileged School Kids

A woman left many on TikTok in tears after paying off students’ outstanding meal debts.
School lunch meal debt appears to be a growing problem in the U.S. with the Education Data Initiative in October 2021 reporting that around 1.54 million students cannot afford school lunches and that the average child has a debt of around $170.13 annually.

These figures also showed that 75.1 percent of surveyed schools had students with meal debt. Around 43 percent of school districts also disclosed that the number of children who could not afford meals had increased.

Sarah Stusek of Virginia decided that it was up to her to decrease these numbers. Stusek, who has her own company and specializes as a film and TV producer, said that she was inspired by seeing a Twitter thread about a stranger paying off someone’s electricity bill. She then decided, upon seeing a tweet about it, that a great way of paying it forward could be to pay off school lunch accounts.

Stusek added that it was only because of social media that she learned how to do it. She then shared on TikTok a reel about paying off the debt of several students. She paid a total of $1659.70 to settle the accounts at Mount Vernon Community School in Alexandria, Virginia.

The staff appeared to be very appreciative of this move, which has been praised online.



Replying to @private00112233 i never want to stop doing this. If u can afford to send a few dollars to my venmo @sarahshooots we can keep paying it forward!!!

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