VIDEO: Young Woman With Tourette’s Goes Viral

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( – Baylen Dupree was around 7 years old when her parents first noticed the motor tics that she was using. These are often considered to be the early signs of Tourette syndrome. However, as the tics were not affecting her everyday life they decided to simply leave it instead of taking action.

At 15, her ticks had gotten much worse and they were interfering with her school and home life. Over the next few years, her parents had to search for a neurologist who specializes in movement disorders and more specifically Tourette’s.

It took three more years for Dupree to receive a diagnosis. In 2020, just before her 18th birthday, Dupree got the official diagnosis that she had Tourette. She is now using her experience and platform to raise more awareness about movement disorders.

As she explained what had originally been 10 tics a day, became 40 tics a day, and when the pandemic hit, things got even worse with close to 500 tics a day. This was greatly interfering with every aspect of her life, from eating to simply sitting down, getting ready for the day or even brushing her teeth. Her loss of control over her movement also resulted in her “accidentally slapping my ex-boyfriend in the face” and even “accidentally hitting my mom with a frying pan.” She added that accepting what was happening was very hard for her.

Tourette syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Those with Tourette syndrome will normally have a number of tics, or repetitive movements and sounds that they make involuntary. For most people, Tourette’s will appear between the ages of 2 and 15.



Talking about my tics sets my tics off. But i am here to show/give examples to the best of my ability 🙂 but all in all simple tics are only involving ONE muscle group and complex involve MORE THAN ONE and look purposeful. I hope this helps ❤️ #tourettes #tourettesawareness #motortics #simplevscomplex

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