Violent Criminal Stopped in His Tracks

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( – In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, police records showed that on Sept. 13, 20-year-old Nicolas Richard Lee Deas and another man had approached an employee at a Family Dollar while preparing to close the store. Deas had reportedly told the employee that he had forgotten his phone and needed to go inside to get it quickly.

The employee proceeded to allow both Deas and the other individual to enter the store. At that point, Deas threatened the employee that he needed to hand over “the money,” or he would kill him.

The employee proceeded to head towards the safe in the store from where the suspect robber took $1,200 and staffed it in a bag. He proceeded to use his pistol to whip the employee in both the elbow and neck.

However, Deas and his associate had been unaware that the store owner of a nearby store had heard the commotion and had sprung into action. According to police, when the man entered the store, he demanded that Deas drop the gun and lie down on the ground.
The second suspect managed to flee the scene.

From there, the armed Samaritan detained the suspect at gunpoint while waiting for the police to arrive. The police took Deas into custody for allegations of armed robbery and aggravated assault with felonious intent, unlawful possession of a stolen firearm, and illegal concealment of a weapon. The weapon used in the incident had allegedly been taken, as the police reports.

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