Visa May Have Knowingly Helped Child Predators, Judge Says

Visa May Have Knowingly Helped Child Predators, Judge Says

Child Predator BOMBSHELL – Judge Finds Something Disturbing

( – The presiding judge in a controversial case involving a massive pornography website and illegal child films found that the global payment processor Visa knowingly aided in the exploitation of minors. US District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney said the credit and debit card business processed payments for MindGeek, the parent entity of several popular adult destinations, with the knowledge that the sites provided sexually explicit material involving underage kids.

The most prominent website in the case is Pornhub, which drew international attention after a New York Times op-ed unraveled a web of predatory material on the site. Searches for children under 18 using misspelled terms resulted in tens of thousands of videos of underage girls, drunken or drugged women being raped, and other debauchery MindGeek had a hard time explaining.

While the platform underwent a major purging of material and instituted new rules for age and identity verification, the damage still remains. Women such as the one filing the case against both the parent of Pornhub and Visa are some of many people who suffered while the means for their exploitation brought profits to others.

The ruling could open the door for more people to hold financial transaction companies responsible for the merchants they sponsor. A spokesperson for the financial giant told DealBook that the decision mischaracterizes what Visa does and makes it difficult for them and other companies to service their law-abiding customers.

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