Voters Finally Answer If They Want Trump Again

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Voters Finally Answer If They Want Trump Again

According to a new Yahoo News – YouGov poll, most Americans have said that Trump should not be permitted to serve another term. The poll showed that 51 percent of registered voters have said that all of the allegations against Trump are enough for him to not be allowed to launch another bid for the White House.

In contrast, only 35 percent of responders still believe that he should be allowed to run again.

The poll was conducted right after a lawsuit against Trump, his family, and his business was filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D). The $250 million lawsuit alleges that Trump and his associates presented false financial statements to mislead investors.

This lawsuit is only the latest legal threat that Trump is currently facing. Currently, there is a federal investigation against him that is looking into whether he removed sensitive documents from the White House. There is also a criminal investigation in Georgia that is looking into the former president’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

These legal challenges are currently affecting his standing with many registered voters. However, Trump appears to be on the rise again as in a hypothetical matchup against President Biden, Trump is now only two percentage points behind. In the previous Yahoo News-YouGov poll, Trump was six points behind.

However, perhaps even more importantly, only 36 percent of Republicans say that they would support him again for the 2024 Republican presidential election.

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