Waiting Dog Has the Internet Cracking Up

Photo by Victor Grabarczyk on Unsplash

Waiting Dog Has the Internet Cracking Up

For parents, one of the first things to teach your kids is to not go near strangers – this includes not letting strangers pick you up from school. Well, a dog dad decided that this was a lesson that his puppy should also learn. The results are some hilarious videos from the doggy daycare puck up.

TikTok user @b105country shared a video of his dog, Jackson, leaving doggy daycare. Before greeting the person that is picking him up, Jackson takes a moment to inspect him and ensure that it is indeed his dad. This hilarious moment was captured on video and posted online. People quickly started sharing and reacting to Jackson’s hilarious behavior.

One commenter noted that it was very funny how Jackson knew and understood that he needed to be concerned about abductors, and that he made sure that it was his dad and not a stranger picking him up.

Another user by the name of @ladycatalina13 said, “He wants to make sure it’s someone he knows and not a stranger. Stranger danger is real.” Another @sarahannern625 also pointed out how the puppy was waiting to hear the safe word and that it was a smart and responsible puppy.

The cuteness of the puppy was also noted by many people in the comments who loved seeing his excitement once he realized his dad was picking him up.



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