WATCH: Incredible New Guinness World Record Shattered

Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

( – Alex Goulding has many different Guinness World Records in the pushup category, but that has never stopped him from trying for more. As he explains, fitness works for many people in the same way that therapy does. In fact, as he recalled, during a hard time in his life, the ability to exercise regularly was what helped him keep to a structure.

As he stated, during the lockdown, he started looking up what the various different world record pushup challenges had been in the hopes of finding something to train towards. He added that had it not been for that choice he is not sure of where he would be currently.

Most recently, Goulding was challenged to beat his own self in the pushup plank record Guinness World Records category. In his record attempt, he had completed 63 reps. In the official video, he explained that he was just aiming for one or two more reps and that this would be a tough challenge.

In his first attempt, he went too fast and dropped after forty and his second attempt was discounted as he had started before the official minute had. Still according to the adjudicator in that attempt, he had done 66 pushup-to-plan reps within 60 seconds.

If that was not enough, Goulding then tried to set a new record in the 180 pushup variation, which is far more challenging. In this variation, he holds the record with 16 reps. In this attempt after 60 seconds, he had managed to complete 23 reps, easily beating his previous record.


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