What Americans Drank On Election Night

Photo by Aleksandr Popov on Unsplash

As many Americans went out to vote in the highly-anticipated midterm elections on Tuesday, many also decided this was the perfect occasion for drinking. Whether the alcohol used was to forget or to celebrate is not necessarily clear but according to a study recently published in the National Sleep Foundation’s journal Sleep Health, the 2020 presidential election also had a similar effect with increased alcohol consumption among U.S. voters.

According to the data published so far by alcohol delivery companies, such as Dizzy, Americans appear to have ordered more spirits in this midterm cycle. In fact, 46 percent of sales were spirits, while 40 percent were for wine. Beer came in third place with 12 percent.

In the 2020 election beer and liquor had been the two most popular options according to Drizzly. The app also noted that there was an increase in drink orders in blue and swing states. Ohio orders increased by 31 percent, Florida by 15 percent, Arizona by 12 percent, California by 10 percent, and New York by 8 percent when compared to the sale of alcohol in those four states during the four previous Tuesdays.

By comparison, in 2020 during election day, Drizly said that their alcohol sales increased by around 75 percent in California, Massachusetts, Oregon and New York.

Across Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida, vodka was also one of the top orders, whereas in California, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Colorado the top option was wine.

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