White House Launches New Attack at DeSantis

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White House Launches New Attack at DeSantis

Senior White House official Anita Dunn on Wednesday said that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is a divisive figure who has divided those in Florida and is trying to create one-side against-the-other type of narrative. Dunn, who was a guest at an Axios-hosted event, said that this divisiveness does not align at all with how current President Joe Biden views the world or the way that he perceives the role of President.

Dunn has been a long-serving aide for Biden, and she has argued that Biden has been trying to unify the country ever since he ran for office.

The Biden administration and DeSantis have previously clashed as the two sides followed completely different policies regarding the pandemic. DeSantis specifically outlawed mask mandates in school, had looser pandemic policies, and banned all discussions on sex and sexual orientation from entering the classroom. He has also been known for his decision to send planes full of migrants to Democratic areas.

DeSantis is expected to win the upcoming reelection and many recent polls have been showing that he is leading ahead of Crist, a former governor and congressman. Many are also expecting DeSantis to run for president in 2024. He is seen as the only challenger who could potentially beat former President Trump and win the Republican nomination.

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