Why Angry Americans Are Now Boycotting Publix

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Lina Avinhannel a Florida woman, has launched a boycott of Publix stores after the grocery chain decided to enforce its policy that banned all non-service animals from entering their store.

In an interview with WPTV, a Florida News Outlet, Avinhannel stated that she would not be shopping in the Publix store following their decision to place signs that banned pets from entering the store. Service animals are still allowed in the grocery store.

Many users online have posted photos from the signs placed outside Publix stores which informed customers that only service animals were allowed to enter the store.

Publix spokesperson revealed to The Tampa Bay Times, that while the stores did introduce new signs in reality the policy followed by the store was still the same. Publix argued that their policy is also available on their website and it seems to have been last modified in 2020.

The supermarket added that any pets meant to provide companionship and even emotional support are not considered service animals even if the person has a doctor’s note.

People in Florida are split on what to make of this decision with some being against it and others in favor.

Avihannel claimed that normally she would walk her dog before going into Publix but that her routine would now be disrupted as she would have to return home, leave her dog there and then head out again to visit Publix.

However, other shoppers have pointed out that the policy makes sense as more dogs inside a store could trigger people’s allergies and could lead to more germs caused by the dogs shedding.

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