Widow Hides Husband’s Death From Who?

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(FeaturedNews.com) – In a recent post on Reddit’s r/AmItheA****** (AITA) forum, user u/second_ave_slav was praised for hiding her husband’s death from his mother. As she explained in the post, her husband had recently passed away after a “difficult struggle with cirrhosis.”

Following his diagnosis, her husband had one year to live. The couple called their family informing them of the situation. As the widow wrote regarding her husband’s mother, she had “always been cruel to him” and “put him down every chance she could.” Even after they let her know about him being ill, she continued to deny it, claiming that they had been lying to her. In the one year since telling her, she had only called them once and they did not pick up.

A little over a year later, her husband passed after being in the hospital for two days. During that time he had been visited by close family. The wife explained that with the situation being so draining she could not also deal with her mother-in-law. It was a few weeks later when they spoke, and during that time, the poster informed her about the memorial and how good it was that he had everyone important to him there. In the meantime, she was hysterical over not getting a chance to say goodbye to her son.

The people on Reddit supported the woman saying that following the estrangement, she had made the right choice in how she handled everything.

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