Wife Provides Difficult Ultimatum to Her Husband

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Reddit has become a place that many refer to in order to get the community’s opinion on their problems. One common subreddit to visit in instances like this is r/amithea**hole.

In a recent post in the community, a woman proceeded to explain that she and her husband already have two children alongside two dogs in their home, with a third child on the way. This can often create a troubling situation for many who are both parents and dog owners, as juggling the responsibilities between taking care of young children and animals can become quite overwhelming.

The poster went on to say that a friend had informed her that she had discovered two additional puppies that were stranded in the middle of nowhere. The woman noted that after performing a checkup on the dogs, she agreed to continue looking after them until they could find a new home for them. The woman did not want another pet, however, her husband ended up falling in love with one of the new puppies and began begging his wife to keep it.

She added that it has now been a couple of months with the new dog and yet the puppy is still not yet properly trained, leading to a messy home with two, and soon to be three, children needing tending to. As a result, the original poster informed her husband that this would need to change before the arrival of their new baby, or else the young dog would need to be given up to another owner. The woman then took to Reddit to ask other users if she is acting out of turn for feeling this way, or whether or not her feelings are valid.

Users understood the woman’s reaction, as well as her emotions. Many also advised her to ask around her circle if anyone else wanted a puppy, and that they should avoid giving the pet to a local shelter.

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