Wild Animal Returns to California for First Time in 100 Years

Photo by Adam Vradenburg on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – In Central California, a species that has not been regularly seen for the last century or more is starting to make a return following the recent widespread wildfire which led to the creation of the perfect habitat for it.

In 2021, a wildfire in Central California led to around 100 predators being burned, while a dense forest ended up being leveled. The first had started from a lightning strike and had made its way across the region which was at the time going through a drought. While the flames had destroyed a dense forest, they also resulted in many areas being filled with grasses, which is perfect for cattle grazing.

As cattle in the region grew, it also led to the return of another species to the region. The gray wolves which had once been very prominent in California but had gone almost extinct a century ago are now reclaiming certain areas in California. The species’ reemergence has been celebrated by several people who are hoping that the wildlife will be able to return to their former habitat. However, predators consider the wolves to be a treat for their cattle and herds.

Still, a U.S. Department of Agriculture study has found that less than 4 percent of cattle deaths are the result of wolves. In 2010, only 5.5. percent of all cattle deaths had been the result of predators attacking.  At the time, there had not been any reports in California of cattle being killed by wolves.

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