Woman Finds Dog She Euthanized Up for Adoption

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Kristie Pereira, a woman who believed her dog was euthanized in Maryland, later discovered her dog, Beau, alive and up for adoption on Facebook. 

In December 2022, Pereira adopted Beau but later had to “put him down” because of a neurological condition veterinarians said he had because of significant health problems.

This was discovered two months after adoption when Pereira claims Beau began acting differently, and veterinarians suggested she put him down as his quality of life was unlikely to improve. 

According to Fox 5 DC, Pereira revealed that she recently saw Beau on the Facebook page of the group from which she had adopted the dog. 

Now, she wants the dog back.  

Pereira stated that someone who wanted to get “rid of the dog” wouldn’t feel how she did about the situation, claiming “None of it was easy.”

Pereira decided to euthanize Beau at Montgomery County Animal Services, which has a policy that pet owners cannot be present when their pet is euthanized. 

The form pet owners fill in when they bring their pets in to be euthanized at Montgomery County details that the pet owner has requested “humane euthanasia,” but that should Montgomery County Animal Services deem the pet is “treatable and adoptable,” they may take that route. 

Montgomery County Animal Services’ officials explained they had decided to treat and allow Beau to be adopted after they conducted their own evaluation and discovered Beau had a treatable liver issue that meant euthanasia wasn’t appropriate. 

The organization then placed Beau at the same place that Pereira adopted him. 

Pereira claims neither organization reached out to her. 

However, the adoption organization, in a statement to Fox 5, revealed it told Pereira before she decided to euthanize Beau that she could return the dog to them. The organization added that while it understands Pereira’s situation, it would be “sticking” to its policy that prevents it from returning dogs to former owners who surrendered them.

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