Woman Gets Back Decades Old Treasure She Flushed Away

Photo by Jas Min on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – In 2010, Mary Strand accidentally dropped her gold diamond ring into the bowl after flushing the toilet. She attempted to take the ring from the whirlpool but was unsuccessful. This resulted in the ring getting completely sucked down.

She then proceeded to call her husband David, who has a sewer and drain cleaning business, who proceeded to take the toilet outside in an attempt to shake the ring loose. He then proceeded to use a sewer camera that allowed him to look 200 feet down the drain. When that also did not allow him to find the ring he resorted to calling municipal workers that could check the city’s pipes.

However, despite his attempts, the ring that he had given to his wife for their 33rd wedding anniversary was gone. The wide, gold band of the ring also has a marquise diamond in the center and 12 smaller diamonds, and 16 “itty bitty” surrounding it. Little did she know that the ring would be seen again 13 years later.

In March, wastewater workers at a wastewater treatment plant a quarter-mile away found the ring while cleaning a piece of equipment. This led to a publicity campaign that ended with Strand getting back her ring.

Strang, 71, was excited to have the ring back, and admitted that she had over the years lost multiple rings including her original wedding ring, its replacement which is the ring found in the wastewater plant, and a ring bought for her from her co-workers as a Christmas gift.


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