Woman Goes To Extreme Lengths To Avoid Baggage Fees

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Woman Goes To Extreme Lengths To Avoid Baggage Fees

A new video shows a woman at the airport putting on a number of her party costumes to avoid those nasty overweight fees at the airport. Naturally, the video has left everyone in stitches as the woman keeps wearing more and more of her clothing.

The video was first posted by Content creator Taylor Watson, who posts on TikTok under the username taylormakesvideos. Many have suspected that the video is staged, but that has not stopped it from acquiring 3.1 million views on TikTok.

The excess weight fees on baggage are a huge money maker for airlines. In fact, in 2021, American Airlines made around $520 million just from overweight luggage. Similarly, Delta Air made around $360 million.

While airlines are profiting from these weight restrictions though, a lot of people are trying to find the best ways to avoid having to pay these fees. For many, this will usually mean wearing as much of their stuff as possible to keep it from being counted as part of the luggage weight.

The video posted shows the woman at the counter being told she has an overweight bag. Then she can be seen putting on a bright-yellow chicken costume that she previously had in her luggage. She then puts another fluffy custom on top, then more hats and tops, and any other clothing she can find.

However, even with all of the clothing, it looks like she will have to pay the fee. Instead, though, she distracts the woman at the counter and slightly lifts the bag with her food to trick the scale. After all that she successfully goes on her way having avoided the fee.



Imagine going through security after 😂🤣

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