Woman Has a Stroke After Doctors Ignore Her

Woman Has a Stroke After Doctors Ignore Her

Woman Nearly DIES After Doctors Ignore Her

(FeaturedNews.com) – A stroke is a potentially serious health condition requiring immediate care, but one woman told a story about how she suffered from one for days before medical providers took her seriously. As a perimenopausal female in her 50s, Tabitha McIntosh and doctors dismissed what was going on with her as hormonal issues. Thankfully, she eventually got treatment and shared the experience online to help others from having the same experience.

A Stroke of Bad Luck on a Thursday

On August 16, McIntosh posted a tweet thread discussing her ordeal. Her post included a screen capture of one she placed online at the time. McIntosh questioned whether her headache could be a symptom of perimenopause.

McIntosh knew something was wrong because she was also having trouble making her fingers move correctly, a condition known as limb-kinetic apraxia. Mcintosh sought medical help, but doctors dismissed it as related to hormonal changes. She persisted, eventually bringing proof of her issues in the form of a printout of a phrase she failed to duplicate using a keyboard.

As McIntosh recounted, a nurse told her she needed an immediate brain scan, which indicated she had suffered from a stroke.

McIntosh warned not all stroke symptoms are clear. She added that in some cases, a “stroke may be silent.”

Responses to her post showed other women telling similar stories of doctors ignoring their symptoms, with a tale of how a woman waited a year before she got treatment. One person said her husband’s stroke symptoms were atypical as well. Another suggested that heart attacks present differently in women.

Remember FAST

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends people keep the acronym FAST in mind when it comes to diagnosing a stroke. The method targets the most common symptoms of the disorder:

  • Face drooping
  • Arm weakness
  • Speech difficulty
  • Time to call 9-1-1

It is essential to get medical care as soon as possible if you think you may have experienced a stroke to avoid damage to the brain and reduce the chances of lasting side effects.

Additionally, the AHA warns some people may present with different signs, just like McIntosh. These may include confusion, vision trouble, sudden headache, dizziness, coordination issues, and leg weakness.

A Warning to Women

When telling her scary medical tale, McIntosh noted doctors ignored her insistence that something was wrong due to her age and gender. She said healthcare providers often overlook serious conditions in women in their 50s who are going through menopause because of their numerous hormone-related symptoms, which can be uncomfortable and profound. She urged every woman to make sure they stand up for themselves and trust their instincts about health issues.

McIntosh also cautioned that if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t, even if a person does not have classic symptoms.

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