Woman Sentenced For Terrorist Financing

Woman Sentenced For Terrorist Financing

MONEY TRAIL Found – Terrorist Financing!

(FeaturedNews.com) – A woman who found herself the subject of an FBI undercover sting faces 90 months in prison for concealing terrorist financing. Alaa Mohd Abusaad, 26, will also spend 10 years on supervised parole. The Department of Justice (DOJ) released details of the case, showing a potentially dangerous national security situation squashed by the FBI.

Abusaad is guilty of coaching an undercover agent in the art of getting money from the US to international terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda. For three months in 2018, the young former student from the University of Alabama taught the agent how to get funds to the mujahideen training for terrorism. The DOJ release notes that Abusaad believed in the cause, stating that funds were in need and that “you can’t prepare a soldier without equipment.”

Beyond how to get funds to terrorists, she also introduced agents to a second person who she claimed could have direct contact with al-Qaeda.

Abusaad’s defense was one of a troubled youth, mental illness, and a desire to do good for the people of Syria. She wrote a letter to the judge in her case, explaining her state of mind at the time as one of contempt for American troops and the way Muslims were treated at Abu Ghraib prison and Guantanamo Bay. Now, she claims to be a changed person who sees the error of her ways, according to WBMA.

She’ll be able to prove her value to society once she pays her debt to it, sometime in the next seven years or so.

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