Woman Swindled in 19 Million Dollar Real Estate Deal

Photo by Jermaine Ee on Unsplash

Woman Scammed Out of $19 MILLION!

A woman in New York City is suing The Corcoran Group (real-estate agency), as well as one of its agents, over a home she recently purchased. According to the reports, the woman was led to believe that the $19 million penthouse she was purchasing had a full-time doorman, but it did not.

The woman claimed the agency deliberately tried to hide that there was only a virtual doorman in the evening. In said the complaint she filed on Wednesday with the Manhattan Supreme Court, the representative for the woman who purchased the penthouse at 37 Warren Street, described her as a single mother of three who is seeking to terminate the contract in place and be refunded her $1.9 million deposit and be reimbursed for damages in excess of $2.5 million. This would obviously be in response to the seller and agent concealing the fact that the home did not have a full-time doorman, but rather a part-time doorman and a virtual doorman in the evenings.

Kara Dille, the accountant who runs the unidentified woman’s estate, was the one to file the complaint. In the complaint, the Corcoran Group, Catherine L Juraciah (the agent), and Zoelle LLC (the seller) are mentioned. The complaint alleges that the doorman situation was intentionally misrepresented in order to “fraudulently induce” the woman looking to purchase the home.

This misrepresentation of the property was also evident in the online listings. Apparently, while showing off the $19 million estate, the representatives had also sat in front of the virtual doorman interface in an effort to conceal it from any potential buyers.

The buyer is now saying that had she known about the doorman situation she would not have bought the property, as she was looking for the security that a full-time doorman would provide.

Howard M. Brickner, an attorney for Zoelle LLC, has responded with a letter to court claiming that the Seller isn’t responsible for this, or any statements made by the real-estate agency.

Howard M. Brickner, Catherine L Juraciah (the agent at The Corcoran Group named in the complaint), and Steven I. Fox, an attorney at New York-based law firm Wrobel Markham LLP, have not yet responded publicly about this incident.

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