Woman’s Reputation Gets Destroyed Due To Viral Video

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(FeaturedNews.com) – A Bellevue Hospital employee was seen in a video that has now gone viral trying to steal a Citi Bike that a Black man had already paid for and was going to be using, NYC Health + Hospitals confirmed to the New York Post. The encounter was posted on social media and has since amassed more than 40 million views after being shared on Twitter on Saturday. The healthcare network called the video “disturbing.”

The woman’s attorney has produced a receipt for the Citi Bike which showed that she had checked out the bike that night and then checked it back in a minute later on May 12. A spokesperson for NYC Health + Hospitals stated that they were aware of the video featuring the healthcare provider while they were off duty, and that they were looking into it.

In their statement released on Tuesday, they also noted that the employee in question was now on leave and would remain so until a review was completed. As they stated, the health system is focused on providing a discrimination-free environment to all patients and staff.

In the video, a woman adorned in a hospital uniform, is yelling or help while trying to take the bike. The man keeps hold of the bike and continually says that he had already paid for it.

The healthcare worker proceeds to shove the man, shouting for him to get off her as he was “hurting her fetus.” The man then exclaimed that he is not touching her and that she was the one who initiated the contact. Throughout the confrontation, the man just keeps his handle on the bike while telling the woman to go purchase her own bike.



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