Women Comes To NFL Player’s Defense

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(FeaturedNew.scom) – A prominent Arizona-based online influencer, who champions the cause of stay-at-home mothers, voiced her support for the traditional homemaker role amidst modern society’s often dismissive attitude toward such choices. This topic came to the forefront following a commencement speech by NFL kicker Harrison Butker, which received widespread attention for its endorsement of homemaking as a noble pursuit for women.

Ivy Van Dusen, a 28-year-old influencer and self-described “trad wife,” expressed to Fox News Digital her views on the societal conditioning that values academic and professional achievements for women above domestic roles. She explained, “It seems there’s a knee-jerk reaction when people hear about women choosing to be homemakers, especially when this choice is advocated by a man. They immediately interpret it negatively, likely due to a deep-seated belief that such roles are inherently oppressive or regressive.”

Van Dusen, who shares her experiences as a homemaker and mother of two on her TikTok account, @ivyoutwest, challenges the stereotype that homemakers are unambitious or uneducated. She emphasizes that many women, like herself, choose this path not out of ignorance but from a place of informed personal preference.

The controversy stems from Butker’s speech at Benedictine College in Kansas, where he praised the virtues of motherhood and homemaking, suggesting these roles are more fulfilling than professional careers for some women. His remarks incited a mix of backlash and support, reflecting a divide in societal views on gender roles and the value of domestic work.

Butker’s advocacy for traditional family roles included personal reflections on how his success in football and life has been supported significantly by his wife’s dedication to their home and children. His comments, however, have not been without criticism. Media responses have varied, with some commentators accusing him of promoting outdated stereotypes, while others defended his views as a valid celebration of family life.

Van Dusen, reflecting on her own life choices, shared that despite pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism and initially aspiring to a career in media, she found greater satisfaction in dedicating herself to her family. Supported by her husband, she embraced the role of a full-time mother, a decision she describes as rewarding, despite necessitating financial frugality and personal sacrifices.

Her story also highlights her broader efforts to support other mothers through blogging, volunteer work, and participation in beauty pageants, illustrating that her advocacy extends beyond her personal life into broader community engagement.

Upon hearing Butker’s speech, Van Dusen initially braced for a typical jock’s dismissive remarks but found herself resonating with his message, which she felt was unfairly overshadowed by negative media framing. She appreciated his call for women to embrace motherhood and homemaking as valid and fulfilling choices, sentiments she felt were lacking in mainstream discussions about women’s roles.

In her view, Butker’s address was not just about promoting traditional roles but also about recognizing and respecting the diverse aspirations of women, whether they aim for career success or find fulfillment in domestic life.

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