World Leader Threatens To Invade Syria Again

World Leader Threatens To Invade Syria Again

World Leader Threatens To INVADE – Potential War Announcement!

( – Hurriyet Daily News recently reported on Turkey’s May 29 event celebrating the 569th anniversary of Ottoman’s conquest of Istanbul. During the festivities, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country would continue to fight against the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) until they were “eradicated.” The leader vowed Turkey would do whatever it took to protect its borders.

Erdogan told journalists on his plane prior to the event that there would be no warning of an imminent attack on YPG terrorists in Syria.

The YPG has links to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which has conducted attacks on Turkey since 1984. The group controls a large portion of northeastern Syria, and the United States is using YPG forces against the Islamic State group, which has caused some tension in relations with Turkey.

Erdogan alleges the US provided weapons and tools to the aggressors, allowing them to continue their assaults. He went on to say that if the United States won’t fight these terrorists, then Turkey would. US State Department spokesman Ned Price expressed concern about the plans to attack the YPG, saying it could cause instability in the region and put American troops in danger.

That said, however, it isn’t only the United States with which the Turkish president has issues. Breitbart reported Turkey’s 2019 attack against Syria received condemnation from allies in NATO. In response, Erdogan threatened to block Sweden and Finland, which he accused of supporting terrorism, from joining the alliance.

There could be some turbulent times ahead. Stay tuned.

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