World’s Oldest Dog Turns How Old?

Photo by Lucas Quaresma on Unsplash

( – The Guinness World Records has a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo dog named Bobi who lives in Portugal with his owner Leonel Costa, 38, as the oldest dog in the world. Bobi. reportedly only likes to eat human food and enjoys taking really good naps. Bobo recently turned 31 and celebrated his birthday with more than 100 guests in attendance, many of whom flew internationally in order to attend the celebration.

Costa revealed to the Guinness World Records that there was going to be an array of local meats and fish that will be served for the birthday boy. A group has also been invited to dance and perform, and Bobi is even set to participate in one of the dances.

According to the Guinness World Records, Bobi is the oldest living dog ever, according to the title awarded to him in February. Costa shared that many journalists come in and are looking to take photos with Bobi.

His age has been verified by SIAC; a pet database authorized by the Portuguese government. Costa has taken care of Bobi since he was eight, and has stated that recently, he started worrying about Bobi’s stardom potentially causing him physical and mental stress because of all of the people who wanted to come and get his pictures taken. He added that now that he has rested, his health has been better.

Many of Costa’s dogs have lived to be quite old, including Gira, Bobi’s mother who lived until the age of 18. However, he had never imagined that one of his dogs would live to be over 30 years old.


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